Main achievements in Title

Intellectual Property Rights

Category Title of the application Registration Number Registration date
Patent certificate Radiation Worker Safety and Exposure Management System
10-1574076 2015.11.27
Certificate of Utility Model Registration Radiation Source Characteristics and Location Exploration Educational Kit
20-0476377 2015.02.16
Radiation Source Transfer Tube with Radiation Shielding Function
20-0471937 2014.03.18
Patent certificate Dual-Purpose Magnetic and Non-Magnetic Probe Ultrasonic Testing Device
10-1371116 2014.02.28
Patent certificate Probe Ultrasonic Testing Device for Weld Bead in Confined Spaces 10-1377448 2014.02.18
Patent certificate Retrieval device for radiation sources that have become disconnected or stuck in the irradiator transmission line.
10-1359342 2013.12.27
Patent certificate A inspection device for the inner wall surface of a vessel 10-1281141 2013.07.01
Patent certificate Ultrasonic probe for non-destructive testing of high attenuation materials using PMN-PT piezoelectric single crystals
10-0941684 2010.02.03

Research Performance

Clients Projects Period
Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association Industry-Academic Research Collaboration Network - Advanced NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Technology
Participated in advanced NDT technology research clusters 2009
Korea Gas Corporation Established Technical Standards for Mechanized Ultrasonic Inspection of Pipe Circumferential Welds
2009.08 - 2010.06
Korea Expressway Corporation Field Welding and PSC Grout Specification Standards Development Research
2016.08 - present