Facility Diagnosis is an essential factor for the stable operation of facilities. SITCO commits advanced equipments and high-level technical personnel to establish method to control power plants, petrochemical facilities, and various industrial machinery through precise diagnosis including the evaluation of annual deterioration and aging conditions. We consistently deliver reliable Facility Diagnosis services based on the teams of expert inspectors, engineering data, and the extensive experience accumulated by providing regular maintenance and diagnostic services for domestic oil refining and petrochemical plants.

Inspection Fields
Refineries and Petrochemical Plants
Power Plants
Steel Production Plants
Storage Facilities
S.O.C. Infrastructure
Environmental/Other Industrial Plants

Main Tasks

  • Review of specifications
  • Establishment of inspection plans
  • Device Inspection
  • In Service Inspection
  • Safety Diagnosis
  • Electrical system Diagnosis
  • Lifetime Evaluation
  • Precision Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery
  • Efficiency Testing of Facility
  • Non-Destructive and Hardness Testing
  • Evaluation of annual deterioration
  • Analysis of Inspection Data
  • Submission of Inspection Reports



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