We are responsible for overall construction project management in the construction of steel structures for highways and national roads, including factory production and on-site installation. Our team consists of experts in various fields to ensure compliance with quality-related documents, review and confirm technical requirements from clients. We strive to provide high-quality services based on the reliability and fairness of SITCO.

Inspection Fields
Steel Bridge
Steel Structure
Railway Bridge
Relays/Dust Collectors
Soundproofing Facility
Drainage Facility

Main Tasks

  • Review of specifications
  • Review of design drawings and fabrication drawings
  • Establishment of inspection plans
  • Material inspection/management
  • Management of service execution expenses
  • Management of engineer work matters
  • Review of design documents
  • Review of process management
  • Construction management and measurement
  • Quality management and safety management
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Submission of audit reports



Business Area Tel E-mail
Auditing/Construction Project Management 02-6284-7114 E-mail