We are dedicated to performing inspections in all areas of shipbuilding such as ship equipment Final Acceptance Test (FAT), ship machinery, piping, electrical systems, propulsion shafts, and rudders, as well as specialized inspection of LNG ship Cargo Containment Systems, and serving as a reliable partner to major clients.

Inspection Fields
Organic Separation Facilities
Crude Oil and Natural Gas Drilling Facility
Natural Gas Production Facility
Crude Oil Production Facility
Other Offshore Facility

Main Tasks

  • Preparation of testing/inspection plans
  • Inspection and quality management training
  • Inspection of shipbuilding materials
  • Inspection of outsourced products
  • Ship safety inspection
  • Process inspections for each device
  • Commissioning Test
  • Preparation of inspection regulations and standards
  • Publication of inspection training materials
  • Training for improvement of inspector qualifications



Business Area Tel E-mail
Ship/Offshore Facility Inspection 02-6284-7109 E-mail